Ford Forges the Future with New Lineup

How is Ford committed to changing the automotive industry forever? At least $11 billion dollars committed--and that's just for hybrids. Ford is investing the money to bring well over a dozen new battery electric models to dealerships worldwide by the year 2022. In the United States, we'll get to enjoy some of the most capable and powerful hybrid vehicles yet, with advanced hybrid versions of the classic Ford Mustang muscle car, the powerful Ford F-150 pickup truck, and the versatile Ford Explorer and Ford Escape SUVs by the year 2020.

We'll see at least a dozen new vehicles here in North America by 2020, including a total reboot of the pioneering Ford Bronco SUV, as well as a new version of the beloved Ford Ranger mid-size pickup truck. The all-new Ford EcoSport SUV is one of the newest additions to the Ford Motor Company family, offering SUV versatility in a compact, maneuverable, efficient, and sporty package. We can't wait to see what's next in store from Ford, and we look forward to seeing these new models on the streets of Richfield Springs, Herkimer, Ilion, and Little Falls NY soon.

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